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Comfort Controls
Innovative. Comfortable. Efficient.
The Trane Family of thermostats is anything but ordinary.
24 Hour live Response
Towns County: 706-896-2896
Improve your comfort while reducing energy consumption with easy-to-use programmable thermostats. Properly programmed, these thermostats can save you up to 33% on annual heating and cooling costs compared to systems with non-programmable thermostats. Some units will even manage your home's temperature, humidity and ventilation - all from a single, easy-to-use control.
The Newest Addition to Tranes outstanding line of hardworking, full-featured programmable thermostats is the XL950 Comfortlink II. The XL950 does so much more than regulate your heating and cooling. it's also a zoning control, air quality management tool and a up-to-the-minute weather station. All this is housed in a fashionable digital photo frame design to add to your decor and central planning.
We’re proud to say Popular
Mechanics proclaimed the XL950
ComfortLink™ II thermostat
“One of the Most Transformative
Products of 2010,” awarding it the
coveted Breakthrough Award.
Camouflaged as a Digital Family Photo Album
Up-to-the-minute Weather update
Customizable Background Colors
Air Quality Management
Always Up To Date
The XL950 has updateable software, so you’ll have the latest features and upgrades as they become available. For your convenience, the XL950 can be controlled by any computer on your home wireless network.
System History
Monitor indoor and outdoor temperatures
and your system use over time to better
manage energy and comfort.
Create heating and cooling schedules to
save energy when no one is home using
either guided or manual setup.
Main Menu
Bright, colorful, intuitive icons guide you
to every important system function with
just a simple touch.
Multiple Hold Functions
For your convenience deviate from your set
schedules as needed, by holding a single
set temperature for hours or days at a time
if you’re entertaining or away on vacation.
Optional Bezel Designs
Attach optional colored bezels to the XL950 for a colorful designer touch. The XL950 includes a silver/gray frame; or if a color change is needed, available options are silver/black, graphite, white and black.
7" High-Definition Color Touchscreen
Alerts and Reminders
The XL950 will remind you when filters
need to be changed and alert you if
maintenance is required, so your system is
always in peak performing condition.
Dealer Information
If your system needs routine maintenance
or repair, your XL950 can display your
dealer’s contact information for easy access
at your finger tips.
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