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Whatever their specific heating and cooling needs, people trust Trane to provide reliable, effecient solutions. Trane Ductless Systems allow you to create a comfortable indoor environment in spaces where adding ductwork might be impractical or too expensive, or not as effecient as a ductless option.

Easy to install Trane Ductless Systems offer flexability in design and provide effeciency and economy with two simple components - an outdoor unit and one or more stylish, low profile, indoor units. All built with Trane's legendary reliability and innovative thinking.
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At Trane, we know that the quality of the air your family breathes is as important as the confortable temperatures they enjoy. Air that's full of particules can not only feel uncomfortable, it can cause breathing problems for family members and exacerbate existing respiratory problems like asthma and allergies.

Every Trane ductless indoor unit comes with an Auto Clean feature that reduces moisture and inhibits the development of bacteria to begin with, but we g far beyond that to provide triple filtration that keeps the air you breathe clean. First, a standard filter traps dusts and other common particulates; second, and attractive carbon filter absorbs both physical debris and chemical pollutants. And a third level of filtration, a catechin additive filter, provides anti-oxidation and sterilization to absorb and eliminate odor and bacteria.
Trane's Triple Filtration Syatem allows you to breathe easier.
Use the Trane wireless controller for maximum comfort, convienence and efficiency.
Trane's Triple Filtration Syatem allows you to breathe easier.
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